Archived news: February 2015


11 Feb 2015

Welcome Betina Fredrickson

Betina came along to talk to the ladies about Preventative Health.

Nutrien Transport Concept was the topic of the day. Betina is associated with PM-international a 20 year old German company, Nutrien Transport Concept, this means, the nutrition will enter the body and work only where it is needed.

This is the only company in the world having Omega-3, Q10 + all other natural nutrition and skin care products, being water soluble and working directly on the cellular level.

If our cells are well, so are we. NTC also contains pro biotic to keep our colon in the best condition. We will then be able to absorb 98% of all the nutrition in the food we eat and drink.

An interesting topic and gave the ladies something to think about.

Ladies at Lunch

11 Feb 2015

With well over 60 ladies for lunch, Restaurante Avanto, Torrenueva were kept very busy. A big thank you to Anna for lunch and for making the tables look so pretty. A great time for the ladies to relax with friends and family.

Restaurant Avanto

11 Feb 2015

The restaurant is in a stunning position overlooking the Mediterranean, great location for coffee, lunch or dinner.